Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Joker comes calling!

Hey Everyone,

Venturis Loco here. Well I had a chuckle to myself when I opened up this blog and realised I'd only posted once and that was over a year ago.

Can I say that keeping up with regular blogging is not my forte'?

Well one day hopefully I might have someone do the blogging for me and do a much better job. But in the mean time I am excited to share with you on what's new at Loco Designz.

I will also be posting blogs showing previous products in my store that I haven't shared her.

For now I am so excited to show off my newest set of Tattoos. Inspired by the Joker from Suicide Squad. If you've seen my Harley Quinn costume in my store already you might have an idea that I am obsessed with them. I thought it was high time I released something for the gents.

So I present to you Tattoos by the Joker inspired by the Suicide Squad. I have consciously changed a couple of the tattoos on it as I didn't want to violate any Copyright but I think when you see the end result you will have to agree this set of tattoos looks pretty badass.

I have made the tattoos for the Classic SL bodies with system layers. I have also made appliers for the following Male mesh bodies - Aesthetic, Signature, Adam, Belleza - Jake and Slink.


So I couldn't resist adding in a few other pictures. One showing you the work in progress when I was working on the bird tattoo.

The other is the Joker taking a moment to take advantage of Miss Harley. Btw if you love Harley Quinn's outfit you can buy that from my store here:

But if you're more interested in Mr J here and want to get in on that tattoo action. You can buy his tattoos from my Marketplace store here:

Talk to you soon!
Venturis Loco
Loco Designz

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Loco Designz has a BLOG

Well it's been long over due, but I've finally created a Blog spot for Loco Designz.

This will be my little nook to keep customers up to date with all that is happening and developing with Loco Designz.

Keep posted! For now though I will leave you with Loco Designz Motto!